LIS Journals


  1. Adriadne Peer-reviewed
  2. American Libraries
  3. Annals of Library and Information Studies. Peer-reviewed.
  4. Chinese Librarianship Peer-reviewed
  5. D.Lib Magazine
  6. DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology 

  7. e-Library Science Research Journal peer-reviewed
  8. Electronic British Library Journal Peer-reviewed
  9. Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship Peer-reviewed.
  10. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Peer-reviewed.
  11. Huntington Library Quarterly Peer –reviewed
  12. IFLA Journal Peer-reviewed
  13. Journal of Indian Library Association 
  14. Inernational Journal of Information Disseminatin and Technology 
  15. International Journal of Library and Information Science. Peer-reviewed.
  16. Information Research: An International Electronic Journal Peer-reviewed.
  17. Information Technology and Libraries Peer-reviewed
  18. Interdisplinary Journal of Information,Knowledge & and Management Peer-reviewed.
  19. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning Peer-reviewed.
  20. International Information Communication & Education Indian
  21. International Journal of Digital Curation. Peer-reviewed.
  22. International Journal of Educational Technology Peer-reviewed 

  23. International Journal of Library and Information Science
  24. International Journal of Library Science and Information Management
  25. International Journal of Special Libraries Peer-reviewed.
  26. International Research:Journal of Library and Information Science. Peer-reviewed
  27. International Review of Information Ethics Peer-reviewed
  28. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Peer-reviewed.
  29. Journal of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka Peer-reviewed.
  30. Journal of Digital Information. Peer-reviewed
  31. Journal of Knowledge Management Practice Peer-reviewed.
  32. Law Library Journal Peer-reviewed
  33. Library Leadership and Management. Peer-reviewed.
  34. Library Philosophy and Practice Peer-reviewed.
  35. LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research
  36. Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Services
  37. Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science Peer-reviewed
  38. Perspectives in International Librarianship Peer-reviewed.
  39. School Libraries in Canada
  40. Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management Peer-reviewed
  1. Asian Libraries Peer –reviewed
  2. Aslib Proceedings Peer-reviewed
  3. Australian Academic & Research Libraries Peer-reviewed
  4. Australian Library Journal Peer-reviewed
  5. BID:Texts universities of librarianship and Documentation Peer –reviewed.
  6. Biomedical Digital Libraries Peer-reviewed.
  7. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. Peer-reviewed.
  8. CLIS Observer Indian
  9. Collection Building Peer-reviewed
  10.  Electronic Library Peer-reviewed
  11. Granthana: Indian Journal of Library Studies Indian
  12. Herald of Library Science Indian
  13. IASLIC Bulletin Indian
  14. Indian Journal of Information Library and Society Indian
  15. Informatics
  16. Information Bulletin for Librarians `
  17. Information Retrieval
  18. Information Science Peer-reviewed.
  19. International Information and Library Review Peer-reviewed
  20. International Journal on Digital Libraries Per-reviewed
  21. International Journal on E.Learning Peer-reviewed
  22. Italian Journal of Library and Information Science. Per-reviewed.
  23. Journal of Academic Librarianship Peer-reviewed
  24. Journal of Documentation Peer-reviewed.
  25. Journal of Information Science.
  26. Journal of Informatics
  27. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Peer-reviewed.
  28. Journal of Library Administration Peer-reviewed.
  29. Journal of Library and Information Science Peer-reviewed.
  30. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
  31. Journal of the Medical Library Association Peer-reviewed.
  32. Knowledge Organization
  33. Library Peer-reviewed
  34. Library Review. Peer-reviewed
  35. Library & Information Research: Research onto Practice for information & Library Services.Peer-reviewed
  36. Library & Information Science Research Peer –reviewed
  37. Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services Peer-reviewed.
  38. Library Consortium Management
  39. Library Herald Indian
  40. Library Hi Tech News Peer-reviewed.
  41. Library Hi Tech. Peer-reviewed
  42. Library Journal Peer-reviewed
  43. Library Practice. Peer-reviewed.
  44. Library Management Peer-reviewed
  45. Library Quarterly Peer-reviewed
  46. Library Trends Peer-reviewed
  47. Libres Peer-reviewed
  48. New Library World Peer-reviewed.
  49. New Review of Children Literature and Librarianship Peer-reviewed
  50. New Reviewed of Academic librarianship Peer-reviewed
  51. Nigerian Library and Information Science Review.
  52. Portal: Libraries and the Academy Peer-reviewed
  53. Program Peer-reviewed
  54. Progressive Librarian
  55. Publishing Research Quarterly Peer-reviewed
  56. Records Management Journal Peer-reviewed
  57. School Libraries Media Research Peer-reviewed.
  58. Science & Technology Libraries Peer-reviewed
  59. Scientometrics Peer-reviewed
  60. SRELS Journal of Information Management
  61. UNESCO Journal of Information Science librarianship and Archives Administration


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